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— Educate and Elevate (@ElevateAdultEd) October 30, 2017


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Success Files to Feature Educate & Elevate with Host & Actor Rob Lowe

Educate & Elevate has caught the attention of “The Success Files,” an award-winning program that highlights new stories and innovative concepts through groundbreaking short-form and long-form documentary presentations. The program airs on PBS and is hosted by actor Rob Lowe.
The Educate & Elevate campaign story will be featured in a short six-minute documentary, and plans are now in process to develop the storylines about the power and relevancy of adult education.
Utilizing strategic partnerships across numerous media distribution outlets, “The Success Files” continues to inspire audiences and stimulate conversations by tackling the most prevalent issues in the nation and across the world. Stay tuned for air dates.

Press Releases

The Online Education Campaign Aims to Convey the Convenience and Many Possibilities of Pursuing an Online Degree

Mediaplanet, an independent publisher of content-marketing campaigns, today announces the distribution of its tenth cross-platform edition of “Online Education.” The campaign aims to highlight online education in its various forms. Mediaplanet has joined forces with the Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE) to educate readers on its Educate and Elevate Campaign which is working to raise awareness on the many faces and relevancy on adult education.

Starting on September 27th, featured within USA TODAY and on Mediaplanet’s digital content hub, COABE shares how their campaign is working to urge policymakers on why the continuation of funding is necessary. In 2014, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act called for adult education to be funded at a level of $649 million. Now, threats have been made to cut funding by $95 million on issues like adult education and literacy as well as cut by $9 billion from the Department of Education budget in 2018. Their campaign is a national endeavor aimed at highlighting how an investment in adult education represents a bold commitment to America’s future.

Direct impact of their initiative can be seen through examples such as Story Musgraves. Instead of finishing school, Mr. Musgraves ran off to Korea with the U.S. Marines where he was an aircraft electrician and an engine mechanic. He started flying with the Marines and over the next 55 years accumulated 18,000 hours in more than 160 aircraft. Using adult education as a catalyst for change, Mr. Musgrave obtained a GED® diploma and went on to become the only astronaut to have flown in all five space shuttles resulting in six space flights. He has earned seven graduate degrees and 20 honorary doctorate degrees.

Stories like Musgrave show the benefits of an adult education. Through Educate and Elevate, COABE hopes to show that advocacy for adult education is vital. To read more on this campaign, head to Mediaplanet’s digital content hub to see their call to action represented.


Adult Education Facts

More Facts on the Relevancy of Adult Education 

Low education and skill levels of adults are a fundamental barrier to every major challenge facing the United States, including early childhood education, education reform, economic development, and improving health and well-being of the nation’s families and communities.

A person with a high school diploma or equivalent earns more an average of $9,620 more per year than a non-graduate.

Download our One-Page Fact Sheet.


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November 28, 2017

Educate & Elevate Campaign awarded 6 Global Davey Awards, catches media attention, and touches 37,000 key legislators; California tops Educate & Elevate submissions: 86 to date, and much more!
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October 12, 2017

PBS to feature Educate & Elevate with host and actor Rob Lowe, positive responses to the Educate & Elevate campaign, using the Educate & Elevate campaign video, and much more!
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October 5, 2017

Adult education miracle: Kevin Hunt Sr., Brevard Adult School launches local Educate & Elevate campaign, public relations: our reach is growing, and much more!
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September 27, 2017

Highlight: Dr. Rachel De Vaughan-from GED to Ph.D., using PR to tell your story, the new Facebook Town Hall feature, and much more!
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September 20, 2017

Highlight: Get Ready to Hit the Hill, Is Your State Ready for this Week’s Advocacy Efforts, Do Your Part in 3 Easy Clicks, Champion of the Week: We Salute Alabama
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September 14, 2017

Educate & Elevate: Extraordinary Stories in Adult Education, Story Musgrave Joins Educate & Elevate Campaign, Champion of the Week: Hats Off to COLLO, Raise the Visibility of Adult Education with this Super Easy Tool
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Did you know that cross-promoting the Educate & Elevate campaign on your website can bring recognition to your organization? And, we’ve made it super easy for you to participate.

Take a look at the following Educate & Elevate Champions who have been very creative in their cross-promotional efforts by placing the Educate & Elevate logo on their websites in various locations as a “proud partner”; using #educate&elevate and sending updates via social media; special announcements; and sending eblasts to its members with updates. 



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