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Google and COABE Partnership

Introducing an exciting new partnership between Google’s Applied Digital Skills Curriculum and COABE where you can:

Adult Education Fact Sheet–United States

Reporting Period: July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018


Adult education programs in all 50 states and seven territories assist adults in building skills and earning credentials that lead to postsecondary education, sustainable employment, and economic self-sufficiency.

By 2020, 65% of all jobs in the United States will require some form of postsecondary education. It is projected by the American Action Forum that, by 2020, the United States will be short an estimated 7.5 million private sector workers across all skill levels.

Discover all of the adult education innovations & successes taking place across the nation Click on the button below to find information on your state or select from the dropdown.

Educate & Advocate

Google Boot Camps Available to Your State (FREE)


Through a generous grant from Google, as announced on April 2nd, COABE is proud to share that we will be holding Google Boot Camps for Applied Digital Skills in every state over the next year. Applied Digital Skills is Google’s free, video-based curriculum for teaching digital literacy skills — everything from creating a résumé to using spreadsheets to create budgets.

This training will be offered free of charge to you and can be included as an “add-on” to your state conference. Please register or contact for more details. Also, when you sign up your state to participate in these free boot camps, we will gladly provide your state with free advertising to members in your region! Our leadership can also Zoom in to deliver a keynote and/or to meet with your board of directors upon request. 

We are accepting applications for Google certified trainers to lead our boot camps. Have you already been using Google Applied Digital Skills? 


Become an Adult Learner Member

Tier Two Membership Free This Year


Adult learners have an amazing story to tell! We want legislators, funders, and the general public to hear about your successes and your journey. When you join COABE, you amplify our voice from 55,000 practitioners to include the 1.5 million adult learners in the adult education system. Sign up today to reap the benefits of membership.

TIER ONE (FREE): Receive membership updates, post to the COABE App, send a message to the President and your legislators

TIER TWO ($5 PER YEAR): Receive membership updates, post to the COABE App, send a message to the President and your legislators, eligible to earn COABE’s Adult Learner of the Year award worth $10,000, receive 2-year term life insurance at no cost

Success Files Features Educate & Elevate with Host & Actor Rob Lowe

Educate & Elevate has been highlighted in “Success Files,” an award-winning program that highlights new stories and innovative concepts through groundbreaking documentary presentations. The program aired on PBS and was hosted by actor Rob Lowe.

The Educate & Elevate campaign story featured a short, six-minute documentary about the power and relevancy of adult education and reached over 148 million viewers.

Here’s a peek into some of the documentary’s storylines:

  • Dr. Lorraine Morales serves as the president of Pima Community College, but before achieving this status she was a single mother who had dropped out of school. She earned her GED® certificate through adult school classes and continued her studies to earn a doctorate.
  • Dr. Richard Carmona grew up on the streets of the Bronx, was homeless at one point, and then dropped out of school to serve in the Army. While in the Army, he earned his GED® credential and two Purple Hearts. He was tapped by President George W. Bush for the position of 17th surgeon general and was the only surgeon general to ever be unanimously confirmed by the Senate.

There are so many amazing stories about the power of adult education, and “Success Files” will be sure to inspire audiences and stimulate conversations across the nation.

Our Success Files video is now live!

We Need Your Help


People are showing their love for adult education through our 3 Quick Clicks effort, with more state associations using this tool to submit a letter of advocacy to congressional members, governors, and mayors. To use this time-saving tool, visit the 3 Quick Clicks webpage and select the “Take Action” option that applies to you.

Teachers, administrators, and friends of Adult Education send an email supporting adult education by clicking the “Take Action” button below. Enter your contact information and click “SUBMIT” to preview the editable letter we will send on your behalf to Congress, Governors, and Mayors.


Improve your skills to get a better job, retrain for a new job, earn your high school diploma or a GED, or improve your English, math or reading. Find an adult education program near you.


Advocate for adult education as an investment in America’s future with campaign outreach tools to help you showcase your success stories, garner press coverage, and motivate stakeholders to support adult education by contacting their legislators.


Educators across the country are developing new ways to manage the complexities of helping adult students elevate themselves through education. Learn how adult educators are getting creative!

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Our exciting campaign video is now live!