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Adult Learner Success


Cecilia DeLeon

Outstanding Adult Learner 2020

Cecilia battled stomach cancer and raised two children on her own while pursuing her GED diploma at Whatcom Community College. She became an advocate for other victims of sexual assault while also serving members of her community as a translator and resource. She has truly demonstrated leadership while overcoming the most difficult of circumstances. When Cecilia sets her mind to something, it will get done and done well. Helpful, engaged and encouraging, Cecilia brings out the best in her fellow students.

Karmel Radan

Karmel grew up in the foster care system and endured an abusive childhood. She taught herself to read and write with the only books in the house—the Bible and a set of encyclopedias. Despite having no formal schooling, Karmel earned her GED® diploma after a mere 10 months of study. She is now a 4.0 student in college and leader on campus with dreams of a career in medicine or business. “I want to help people who believe the negative about themselves and don’t see that they are unique and have many possibilities,” Karmel explains. “They are smart and they are capable—they just don’t know it yet.”

Dov Yaffe

Dov’s studies have created more stability and security for his family of five. While pursuing his GED diploma, Dov was co-enrolled in Austin Community College’s Ability to Benefit program and began taking college credit classes. He earned his diploma in December of 2018 and a Level 1 Certificate in Network Administration the following year. He is currently pursuing his associate degree and plans to continue his internship Housing Authority of the City of Austin. Dov has become a mentor to his peers. He donated time outside of class and provided students with equipment and encouragement to help them succeed in their studies.

Have an adult learner success story or testimonial?

Have an adult learner success story or testimonial?