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Adult Learner Success



Have an adult learner success story or testimonial?

Ashlyn had always struggled to learn in the regular school system, and one day she finally decided to drop out. Adult education opened up career pathways for Ashlyn and helped get her future back on track.

Surrounded by negativity, Caprea refused to be held down. After years of dedicating her life to meeting the needs of her siblings, adult education provided Caprea a way to stake a claim on a future of her own.

Disappointed to realize he was too old to enroll in high school when he came to the U.S., adult education empowered Cristian to aim high and take the first steps to realizing his dreams of a medical career.

After years of drug addiction, incarceration, housing insecurity, and depression, adult education gave Danielle the means to lead the life of fulfillment and purpose she had always longed for.

A former preschool teacher in Mexico, Esmerelda was disappointed to realize she could not continue her same career in the U.S. without increased English skills. Adult education not only helped Esmerelda upskill her English ability, and it allowed her to aim higher for a new administrative career in the United States.

In regular high school classes, Isabella found herself harassed and bullied. Adult education gave Isabella the acceptance she needed to find her own niche and move forward academically.

A teacher and mother from India, Jagroop came to Sacramento full of excitement for a new job. The reality of finding one, however, felt difficult and intimidating. Adult education helped Jagroop to find a rewarding career that utilized her gifts.

After ten years at his company, James was offered the promotion of a lifetime, but only adult education could have provided him the high school diploma he needed to take hold of it.

Although he was a bright student, Jeremy did not see the value of high school and dropped out. Adult education was there for Jeremy when he found himself presented with a new career opportunity that required a high school diploma.

Adult education gave Jessica the skills to communicate and connect with the people around her. With her improved English skills, she has also decided to pursue a college degree.

With his high school education derailed and his life in shambles, Jonah found himself in drug court. Adult education gave Jonah the tools to get his life together and begin dreaming big.

Adult education is helping Jose take his first steps toward two of his biggest goals in life: connecting more deeply with his English-speaking children and rising at his company to provide better for his family.

Adult education was there for Lily when the traditional high school model no longer worked for her life. Her results surprised everyone, and she finished her program in record time.

Although she was a bright, focused student, Lindsey decided to drop out halfway through her junior year of high school. Her constant migraines interfered with her education and threatened her future ambitions, but adult education gave her the flexibility she needed to provide her an alternative path to career success.

After 20 years out of school, and a mom of twins, Lynn thought education would be impossible. Adult Education, however, connected her to an incredible support group which helped her meet and surpass her goals.

Adult education gave Maira the language skills to begin her pursuit of higher education in the United States. With her expanded English skills, she is now well in pursuit of her educational goals.

In his home country of Syria, Majd held a prestigious professional position for many years. Adult education gave Majd a path back to success as he began his new life in America.

LaShonda had to put her education on hold to care for her children. After 27 years, adult education helped her boost her core academic skills so she could pursue higher education.

Charlene found herself in a new city without many prospects. Recently divorced and looking for ways to support her three children, Charlene came to NWACC’s Adult Education program with high hopes.

Adult education gave Fousseyni the confidence he needed to overcome his worries about life in a new country. Many challenges awaited him, however, his years of hard work would certainly pay off.



After the crushing loss of her baby, Hayley had to decide whether she would give up or continue her path forward through adult education. 




Karina needed a program that would allow her to work a full time job and complete her high school education. Adult education met her where she was at, and propelled her to success beyond her wildest dreams.


Adult education gave Mamadou the head start he needed in a new country and fueled his dreams with possibilities.



Nicole found herself out of work with two grandsons to support, and underqualified for nearly every position she applied for. As she began looking for work, she realized that without a high school equivalency exam every door was closing on her.

After years of mental health issues and cycles of substance abuse, Stacie lost custody of her three children and adult education became her only hope.

As a young person Tania’s future goals had nothing to do with education. She never dreamed that enrolling in adult education would become one of the most influential decisions she ever made.

When his company instituted a new payroll system that required everyone to input their educational history, David knew his secret was out. At the age of 58, he realized he would have to start over.

Adult education has fueled Ginessa’s future goals. With two daughters to support, Ginessa enrolled in adult education and aimed high to achieve her dreams in the medical field.


Upon arriving in the United States, Innocent realized that his prior degree would not be accepted in U.S. hospitals, and he turned to adult education to help him fulfill his dreams of a career in medicine.

Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and depression, Maria dropped out of high school in 2017. Finally, her dream of pursuing a medical career that allowed her to give back to her community was within reach.

Maria entered the Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education (IELCE) program to learn English, improve her communication skills, and expand her job opportunities. She states, “This program… has allowed me to find the job of my dreams!”

When Wendy happened upon a brochure at the bank for an adult education program, a world of opportunity called her away from her dairy farm and into a new and exciting career.


Raiza found adult education when she came here from Caracas, Venezuela in 2018. It provided a pathway to improve her English skills and gave her the tools she needed to follow her dreams of owning her own business.

Adult education gave Patrick a foundation to build upon as he broke free from years of drug and alcohol addiction. They could not believe the results that came from him taking this first step.

Adult education provided Meegen with the ability to learn. She states, “I’ve gone from jail, addiction, and pain to barbells, protein, power, and a Lexus!”




Growing up in the Dominican Republic, Marcos came to the United States. Adult education opened his eyes to all of the opportunities he had before him, and even he could not believe the path he ended up taking.

 After attending the Houston Community College (HCC) Adult Education orientation meeting, the 32-year-old realized he needed a goal to fuel his ambition, and he decided to take his dreams all the way to the top.

Jacques fled to the United States from the war-torn country of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Jacques’ path in adult education, would lead him higher than he could have imagined. He states, “No one comes this far to be unsuccessful.”

Toneshia decided it was time to empower herself and lead her children and grandchildren by example. The journey was difficult because of her many medical challenges, but the results she attained made it all worth it.

Adult education showed Mousumi that a medical career was possible, even after having children. She states, “I feel proud. I am a woman, I am smart, and I know I can do anything.”

After years of drug dependence, adult education gave Hunter the boost she needed to reclaim the life of her dreams.


Adult education allowed Harjit to upskill her resume so that she could achieve success in a new country.


When Bruce had to drop out of high school to help his family during an interstate move, adult education placed Bruce on the fast-track to a world of possibilities.

Bridget’s dyslexia threatened to shut her out from success until adult education intervened in her life.




All the way from Iraq, Wurood would not allow language to become the barrier that would stop her from achieving success. Adult education gave her the education and training she needed to pursue the medical career of her dreams.

Adult education gave Yolanda the English skills she needed to fulfill her dreams in America.


After years of homelessness, adult education gave Scott the tools he needed to pursue a career in technology.

Adult education provided English skills to Quang “Howie” Cao, but the educational vision it provided, led him to so much more. 

 As soon as his supervisors found out he could not read, Mike was never able to advance. Adult education not only gave him the tools to read, it provided a new and exciting career for him at the age of 53!




Hoping for a better life for her four children, Marlene moved to the United States and enrolled in adult education. Marlene was highly qualified back in her home country, but her lack of English skills would make employment almost impossible. Adult education stepped in and fulfilled her highest career aspirations. 

Adult education helped LeMar realize that his past bad choices did not have to imprison him for the rest of his life. After 23 years behind bars, the vocational classes LeMar took while inside equipped him with the skills he needed to own his own successful business and pursue his dreams of giving back to the community.

After a head-on collision with a drunk driver robbed her of her ability to walk, Chelle discovered adult education and decided to start her life over in an exciting new legal profession.

Adult education awakened a love for learning in Blu, and once she began, the sky was the limit!




When a vicious rumor spread in high school, Ashanti thought that was the end of education for her. Little did she know, adult education would meet her twenty years later and change her life.    

Adult education opened the door for Anneyris to serve the members of her community while being well paid. And her dreams are just getting started.

Adult education gave Cristian the path to his diploma after years of homeschooling.

Adult education helped Bing form a long-term friendship that bloomed into a beautiful business.

Adult education showed Millicent that it was never too late to experience success.

Adult education helped Greity remove her language barrier so she could pursue her medical career in the United States.

Adult education gave Haziel a path forward when it seemed too late for him.

Adult education came through for Jayce when he decided to fulfill a promise he had made to his mother long ago.

After over 30 years living in addiction and domestic violence, Kelli turned to adult education to start her life again.

Adult education gave Patty the resources she needed to achieve her life-long goal of receiving her diploma.

Adult education enabled Marisol to follow her lifelong dream of completing her education.

Adult education gave Richard the support her needed to pursue his high school equivalency diploma.