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Adult Learner Success Stories


After the crushing loss of her baby, Hayley had to decide whether she would give up or continue her path forward through adult education. 

After years of mental health issues and cycles of substance abuse, Stacie lost custody of her three children and adult education became her only hope.

As soon as his supervisors found out he could not read, Mike was never able to advance. Adult education not only gave him the tools to read, it provided a new and exciting career for him at the age of 53!

Disappointed to realize he was too old to enroll in high school when he came to the U.S., adult education empowered Cristian to aim high and take the first steps to realizing his dreams of a medical career.




“The staff at the adult learning center gave me the confidence and support I needed to finally realize my dreams of going to college for a career to provide the life I wanted for my children. I obtained my GED® certificate, National Career Readiness Certificate, and finished my second year of college. I am in such a better place in my life than I was before enrolling in the adult education program.”

Heather Coomer

Adult Learner, Lee County Adult Education