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Adult Student Success Stories


When a vicious rumor spread in high school, Ashanti thought that was the end of education for her. Little did she know, adult education would meet her twenty years later and change her entire life.    

Adult education helped LeMar realize that his past bad choices did not have to imprison him for the rest of his life. After 23 years behind bars, the vocational classes LeMar took while inside equipped him with the skills he needed to own his own successful business and pursue his dreams of giving back to the community.

Hoping for a better life for her four children, Marlene moved to the United States and enrolled in adult education. Marlene was highly qualified back in her home country, but her lack of English skills would make employment almost impossible. Adult education stepped in and fulfilled her highest career aspirations. 

All the way from Iraq, Wurood would not allow language to become the barrier that would stop her from achieving success in this country. Adult education gave her the education and training she needed to pursue the medical career of her dreams.

LaShonda had to put her education on hold to care for her children. After 27 years, adult education helped her boost her core academic skills so she could pursue higher education.